We are always searching for forgotten treasures. Items made at a time when quality and style mattered.

The hunt is what drives us and keeps us up at night…wondering what might be out there waiting to be discovered.

Being an urban archaeologist entails being equal parts detective, historian, and analyst, constantly digging wherever items from the past are to be found, and knowing what you find. Our hunting grounds range from the local thrift shop to high-end estate sales, from musty old garages and attics to the very end of the internet, and everywhere in between. We are always searching for items that we can give a new life to and put in the hands of someone who will appreciate them.

Connecting people with items from their past is the main reason we do the things we do. As much as the hunt for rare vintage and antique treasures drives us, the real joy is in seeing the look on someone’s face when we've found what they’ve been looking for.

What are YOU looking for? Give us a holler and let us know what’s on your list and we will travel to points far and wide to unearth them.


Not everything needs to be restored. There is honesty in the rawness of things that are left alone. What do you call it…soul?

Sometimes the battle scars that an item has gained over time should be left to tell the story. Erasing the patina can affect an item’s value, and erase its history. This is where it is important to overcome personal compulsive tendencies to clean or completely strip an item and make it like new again. Knowing how far to go is in the best interest of the item itself, and the recipient. Whether that’s you, or the person who receives your preserved piece of history, it’s good to know things haven’t been overdone.


If possible, we always aim for a ‘sympathetic restoration’, meaning leaving the cosmetics in their current state as much as is possible (perhaps a careful detailing), while making the item serviceable and displayable again. For instance, a vintage lamp or light fixture might be cleaned and rewired for safety, but not fully polished or repainted.

Some things do lend themselves to a full restoration, as they are just too far gone in their current state. So when duty calls, and a full restoration is imminent, we can handle that too. If it needs refinishing, rewiring, replating, or all of the above, our obsessive attention to detail will give your item new life again.

We are constantly buying, selling, and trading. That’s how we do what we do. Our inventory is constantly changing, driven by our own obsession and equally by that of our clients. Connecting the needs of others makes it all come together. Some need to buy, some need to sell, some need to trade, including us.


Have a vintage car you’d like to sell? We may buy it. Maybe you’ve found yourself with a garage full of furniture or knick-knacks from Grandma’s old house. We are interested in buying single pieces or the whole lot.


If we don’t buy your vintage car, we can sell it for you. Interested in a something you see pictured on the site or on our Instagram pages? Hit the “Contact” button and we’ll get right back to you. And be sure to watch this space for more rare automobiles, vintage furniture and lighting, industrial items, art and other antiquities that we will be offering for sale.


Sometimes we find people who would rather have this than that. If we have something you’d like, and you have something we’d like for ourselves or another client, some type of trade might be in order. And if we don’t have it, we know how to get it.

Let's get this show on the road...